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$100 M to be invested by Ola

Ola Futurefoundry, Ola Electric’s worldwide centre for advanced engineering and vehicle design, was revealed by Ola Electric, India’s largest EV manufacturer. The centre will be located in Coventry, United Kingdom, which is a worldwide hub for the top automotive design and technical expertise. Ola Futurefoundry will collaborate with the Ola Campus design and engineering teams in Bangalore, India. It will contain worldwide expertise in 2W and 4W vehicle design, advanced high-performance automotive engineering, digital and physical modelling, and other fields. It will also contain expertise dedicated to vehicle R&D centred on novel energy systems, such as cell technologies. Ola will invest over $100 million in the state-of-the-art facility over the next five years, staffing it with over 200 designers and engineers. The centre will also work on technological research and development with a world-class education and research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Ola said “At Ola, we are building the future of mobility and continue to attract the best global talent across disciplines. Ola Futurefoundry will enable us to tap into the fantastic automotive design & engineering talent in the UK to create the next generation of electric vehicles. Futurefoundry will work in close collaboration with our headquarters in Bangalore, India to help us build the future of mobility as we make EVs affordable across the world.”

“We want to create a world-class design and R&D team with global sensibilities. Ola Futurefoundry is an important step in building a multi-disciplinary team that is agile, flexible, and responsive to the various needs of our consumers around the world. We are setting up in Coventry a global epicentre of automotive and technology talent. Futurefoundry will supplement and collaborate with our core team in Bangalore, India to deliver exciting new EVs across two-wheeler, four-wheeler and other form factors.” said Wayne Burgess, Vice President of Vehicle Design, Ola Electric.




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