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$500k raised by Cameroonian digital business card provider Taaply

Taaply, a Cameroonian company that first digitized business cards, has announced the launching of a new app and a website upgrade while also announcing a US $500,000 investment round.

Taaply is a digital business card solution that was introduced in 2021 with the goal of reducing carbon emissions in Africa. However, since Disrupt Africa first spoke to the team, the startup has changed, and its new website showcases innovative products that will revolutionize the way that customers share their data while also assisting customers in furthering the digitalization and management of their personal and professional relationships.

Taaply will be able to successfully compete for the growth prospects in the healthcare and health insurance industries, the business stated, thanks to the latest investment, app upgrades, and website enhancements.

“In this way, Taaply hopes to meet the growing demand from both private and business customers for the full range of fixed and mobile healthcare services,” it said.

Taaply is now operating in a number of nations in Africa, Europe, and North America, and it intends to grow beyond the items that are currently on the market.




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