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$8.5 M Seed funding secured by sales analytics platform HeadsUp

A seed fundraising round headed by 645 Ventures and with participation from Wing Venture Capital, Firstminute Capital, and Character raised $8.5 million for the sales analytics platform HeadsUp.

HeadsUp, a company founded in 2020, assists businesses, particularly software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprises, in identifying the best contacts and occasions to reach out to prospective clients. Additionally, it gives its clients information on how their consumers are actually utilizing their products.

Zach DeWitt, a partner at Wing Venture Capital, claims that current sales and marketing technologies are just not designed to handle the volume of use and customer data that modern SaaS businesses gather.

“As a result, sales teams [often] either jump the gun and annoy users by trying to sell the product when they are still exploring or completely miss out on great opportunities,” DeWitt added.

The company asserted that it uses a number of unicorn SaaS businesses in the US and Europe.

The founding members of HeadsUp were Momo Ong and Earl Lee. Both worked for US-based SaaS company Fiscalnote as early employees, where they created an internal application that allowed the company’s sales staff access to how clients were using the software.

The firm intends to use the new investment for the purpose of product development. Currently, it employs 17 people, some of which are from Singapore, the US, and Europe.




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