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A helping hand for the start-ups

NEW DELHI, Jul 16 (IBNews) As the Modi government is making all out efforts to encourage the start up ecosystem in the country, a bunch of young entrepreneurs has decided to their bit as well for the start ups. 

In a bid to give digital exposure to the start ups free of cost, the group of young entrepreneurs have launched a website to digitally publish success stories, struggles and bids being made by a number of young people in the world of start ups across the country. 

“The world is witnessing the growth of startups — UBER, Unacademy, Zomato and many more are some of the glowing examples. Slowly and steadily, these entrepreneurs are creating a Startup ecosystem. Not all startups need funding, but all of them need visibility. Our parent website The India Saga has launched the start exclusively for budding entrepreneurs across the globe to share their journey on how they built their startup idea into a company,’’ said Saurav Chaudhary, the brain behind the new venture. 

“Being an entrepreneur is nothing like being an employee. Speed of action is more critical in a startup; otherwise, your competition will wipe you off.This ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace across the world. Media plays an important role in helping these startups to reach masses,’’ he said in a statement here on Wednesday


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