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Advertima raises Euro 15 million Series A funding

London: Swiss startup Advertima, an emerging computer vision platform provider, today announces landing a €15 million Series A investment, in a round led by existing shareholder Fortimo Group (a Swiss real estate company). Advertima empowers grocers and other retailers to create smart spaces that offer consumer-centric, frictionless and relevant in-store shopping experiences. The fresh funds will be used to develop the platform on a global scale and strengthen the startup’s position in the smart spaces market.

Using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Advertima (2016) has created the ‘Human Data Layer’, which visually interprets human behaviour in physical spaces. By providing a real-time and easily accessible data stream, Advertima enables the smart spaces of the future to interact with people in a seamless and meaningful way.

The first sector that Advertima has set its sights on is grocery retail. In a fast-changing retail world that is quickly adapting to the impact of COVID-19, Advertima’s technology helps fast-track the evolution of grocery retailers. Advertima offers smart inventory management and autonomous checkout while also providing engaging and relevant content on smart digital screens throughout the in-store shopping journey of every customer. By making retail spaces smart, grocers maximise the efficiency of their stores, increase their revenues and generate greater returns per square meter.

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