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Insane AI: A Fitness Metaverse in the making

We have all realized the value of being fit. However, not everyone is healthy and fit at the same time. Data suggests only 20% to 30% of the population is healthy and 70% do not have healthy habits. Thus, they develop health issues in the longer run. Ever since Covid-19, people started to change their lifestyles and started taking interest in healthy habits including exercising, eating healthy food, and reality-checks on mental health. People struggle to find time to exercise daily not to forget the kind of dieting options these days people have, which leaves them wondering which one to choose.

This is where an app like Insane AI comes in with a customized design for the users. A fitness and tech venture founded by two batchmates- Anupam Mittal, and Sameer Pitawalla from IIT Mumbai recently received funding of $900,000 from pi ventures. This app is specifically designed to ensure users stay fit by rewarding them with products. Bangalore-based startup ‘Insane AI’ has launched an application which is precise in nature, it gives access to the front camera allowing the app to identify users’ progress during each exercise.

The application was tested for more than a year on more than 100k users in India and Europe. The app is being used by several sportspersons and the working class. This app is designed by certified fitness trainers, AI engineers and experts in the gaming field keeping in mind its users. Offering body workouts, cardio, yoga, drills, and muscle fitness also allows users to leave live feedback. Jayesh Hannurkar co-founder of Insane AI and Head of Product said, “in the next two to three years we are aiming to turn insane AI into first of its kind fitness metaverse based around narratives content and storylines”.

“A lot of people nowadays are intimidated by the prerequisites to be fit, be it looking for the right gym, taking out time to work out, training cost or finding a right trainer, these things act like hurdles. The insane app makes the process of starting your fitness journey convenient and rewarding,” said Anurag Mundhana co-founder of Insane AI.




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