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Altair Partners With Startup India to Launch Altair Grand Challenge

Startup India and Invest India along with Altair India announce the launch of the Grand Challenge Contest, targeted at the rapidly expanding Indian Startup community (including individual innovators*).

Today’s products are complex involving multiple domains and physics. Startups focused on physical product design will face a lot of time and cost pressures during the early design stages. Designs can often go not as per plan, when there is a rush to bring out the working model. Such startups can benefit using the power of simulation technology adopted by large global OEM’s, to aid and validate their product design, thereby reducing time to reach the market.

Altair – a leading technology and solutions provider for various industries – has a vision of transforming design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles.

The Altair Grand Challenge is aimed to help the Indian Startup community in achieving the following goals:

(a) help reduce the number of functional prototypes and reduce the time taken for development for companies involved in creating products.

(b) help effective use of Altair Data Science & IoT platforms along with Simulation Model to create a Digital Twin of the product.

(c) help create algorithms related to embedded systems for automotive applications.

Participation in the ‘Altair Grand Challenge’, will allow eligible startups access to Altair Simulation, Data Sciences and Embedded technology to meet the above goals for their products and access mentorship provided by Altair Design & Simulation industry experts. The last date for application is 15th July 2019.


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