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Amasia, Active Fund led $9.6 M Series A+ funding raised by Clarity

The Ayala Corporation Technology Innovation Venture Fund (Active Fund), a corporate VC firm located in Asia, and Amasia, a US-based sustainability-focused VC firm, jointly sponsored a series A+ round that generated $9.6 million for Clarity, a worldwide environmental sensing and data platform startup.

Spero Ventures, SOSV’s HAX program, Launch Fund, and The Climate Syndicate are some of the additional investors that are taking part.

Clarity, a company with its headquarters in California, offers real-time localized monitoring and professional services to governments, corporations, and organizations in order to monitor air quality and battle climate change.

The business said its nodes, which operate on solar power and cellular connection, can replace conventional pollution detection stations with precise data in a matter of minutes.

Thousands of nodes have been placed by Clarity in more than 60 nations, including the US, the UK, Singapore, and the Philippines. Cities, governments, educational systems, mining firms, ports, sports leagues, and car clubs are just a few of its clients.

24 Clarity nodes cost the same to maintain yearly as one mile of a roadway, according to Amasia managing partner Ramanan Raghavendran. “At relatively low cost, governments and businesses can determine the kind of pollutants in the air, the concentration of these pollutants, and where they are coming from,” he said.

According to Clarity, the additional funding will boost its international expansion and quicken the development of its climate change-related products.




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