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Anipen, a Korean metaverse startup received $8.3 M in recent Series C round

In its continuing series C fundraising round, the South Korean metaverse business Anipen received investments totalling 11 billion Korean won (US $8.3 million), according to Forkast. Medici Investment, Ulmus Investment, and the Korea Development Bank are some of the investors.

Anipen, a company that was established in 2013, is most well-known for its AnibeaR smartphone app, which enables users to make augmented reality films utilising well-known cartoon characters.

The company will utilise the capital to increase its metaverse content offerings and enhance its collaborations with businesses across the world. The company wants to list on the Korean trading market Kosdaq next year.

Over 13.5 billion Korean won ($10.2 million) investments were made in Anipen last year. Once it accomplishes its goal of 20 billion won (US $15.2 million), the business intends to end its current financing round.




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