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Annova Solutions helping clients adapt to AI

Indore: Machine Learning is a game-changer when it comes to RoI for various business verticals and as a result, there has been an exponential rise in deployment of ML. India is an emerging marketplace for new technologies to gain good traction.

Indore-based, Annova Solutions has a team of experts with industry knowledge and experience with the heart of a start-up. It a fast-growing Machine Learning services company that has been catering to clients in the field of sports, e-gaming, loan authorization based on satellite images, text labeling for analytics clients, which aids data scientists and tech teams without a hitch.

Vikas Dubey, CEO, Annova Solutions, says, “We help our clients in their journey by providing dedicated teams working on industry-specific labels and the required scale to create the data needed to make the AI engine tick.”

AI and Machine Learning are going to play a key part in shaping up the world in the coming decades and businesses around the world are working towards leveraging, adapting to AI and Machine Learning.

The global enterprise AI market size is growing at 35.4% CAGR and is going to cross $50 billion by 2026. Three key drivers that will differentiate leaders from the rest are:

  • Strategic use of AI in specific domains in businesses
  • Quantity & Computing Speed
  • Quality of data.

Catering to clients in sports, e-gaming, loan authorization, motor insurance, and analytics. Annova’s services are also rendered to clients in the fields of image annotation, computer vision, video analytics, predictive analytics, deep learning, and industry-based AI applications. Working in various fields with a variety of clients has not only helped Annova expand its services but it has also helped the company face challenges head-on, delivering the best solutions to its clients.


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