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ANote Music launches Investment Platform

Luxembourg: ANote Music, a European marketplace for investing in music royalties, has officially launched its investment platform, following a pre-order sale by Irma Records that generated over €140K in auction bids. The platform presents music rights as a new investment category for both retail and institutional investors, allowing users to invest in music, own rights from content creators, and earn returns through the royalties that are generated over time.

Founded in 2018, and built using blockchain technology, ANote Music provides a secure and transparent platform for artists, record labels and publishers to become financially independent, offering immediate access to funding through the sale of music rights, while keeping 100% of their artistic control.

How does it work? ANote Music offers the rights from artist catalogues to investors through an auction system. Once the auction closes and upon successful bidding, investors receive the shares of rights and can then trade with others on ANote Music’s secondary market at prices determined by supply and demand. On behalf of investors, ANote Music manages royalties and ensures that investors receive royalty (cash) flows generated by the underlying asset.

ANote Music currently has listed assets valued at €357K. In addition to the assets listed from Irma Records, new assets come from Italian publisher Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali, which includes songs performed by Laura Pausini, Ivana Spagna, Caparreza, Adriano Celentano, Paola & Chiara, Marco Masini and Sugarfree. Music has also been listed from renowned Polish artists Tomasz Lubert and Piotr Konca.

Marzio Schena, CEO and co-founder at ANote Music, said, “Investors have been starved of accessible ways to invest directly in the music industry. By opening up music royalties as an alternative asset class, we are showcasing the hidden benefits and value in owning music. By launching our investment platform, we endeavour to make music royalties globally accessible to all in a marketplace that bridges the gap between the music industry and capital markets.”

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