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AUTO i CARE Launches Aggregator Service for 24 Hour Car Service Assistance

With the automobile market booming in India, we are slowly becoming a country who travels long distances by car. Being a machine, cars have the tendency to break down, and what is worse if the car breaks down when you are travelling with your family. Mumbai based, AUTO i CARE, a mobile app to help stranded motorists on the country’s highways was launched in 2019. With the motto of providing customers with the best quality services for their automobiles, the mobile app allows users to look for nearest service station or local garages who can resolve the issue faced on all highways. Started in 2019, with initial tie-up with 18000 garages nationwide, AUTO i CARE has now aggregated 48000 local garages, mechanics and services centers in about 998 cities countrywide out of which 107 are tier 1 and tier 2 cities.


AUTO i CARE helps the customers to request roadside support for common issues like tire replacement, jump-start, low fuel, or vehicle unlock, as well as major repairs to the vehicles or to have it towed to a local garage or mechanic. When support is requested, the app will provide real-time tracking of the inbound support vehicle – similar to popular ride-hailing apps – with an estimated time of arrival, automated SMS status updates, and tow driver contact information. Idea is to attend car issues in just 4 clicks on the mobile app. All of which are available at quite a reasonable cost, within a time frame of 20 to 30 minutes

Mr. Sagar Joshi, Founder AUTO i CARE

Mr. Sagar Joshi, Founder AUTO i CARE shared, “It was during a trip to Shirdi, when my car broke down in the middle of the night and we didn’t find a single service center who could come help, that the idea for creating AUTO i CARE germinated in my head. I realized the need to have a dedicated roadside assistant platform which will cater to any type of automobile across all highways in India. With dedicated workforce, AUTO i CARE is aimed at providing smooth travels to people across highways, state highways, cities, etc. We are confident with our services that if the assistance does not reach in 20 minutes it will be free.”

He further added, “My background in automobile repair and sales helped me understand the pros and cons of this kind of service. Even during the current COVID pandemic lockdown, we have been out there on the roads helping essential services to keep working. During COVID-19 lockdown, maximum queries we got from places like Faridabad, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Nagpur, Mumbai, Orissa, Pune, Delhi, Telangana, Maharashtra and Noida. Daily we are getting over 1200+ enquires nationwide, and with 2 service centers for every 10 kms, we are in a position to reach out to a wide customer range. We have covered 2,28,000 Kms throughout India and 238 National Highways.”

AUTO i CARE, is an aggregator for local mechanics and vendors from across the country, thus creating employment opportunities and boosting Government of India’s #vocalforlocal initiative. AUTO i CARE is soon planning to start their standalone AUTO i CARE service centers. AUTO i CARE services can also be availed for bikers in Mumbai and Pune and very soon will also cater to heavy vehicles. AUTO i CARE utilities consist of equipped workshops, expert workmanship, free pickup & drop, authentic spares and service warranty.

AUTO i CARE has grown rapidly and is one of the promising start-ups in the country. The company has also recently inducted two new directors Makarand Patil who has a strong background in strategy & innovation and Prajakta Patil who has a vast experience in financial management and fund structuring.


Conceptualized in 2015, it took Sagar Joshi 3 years of R&D and collaborations to launch AUTO i CARE in 2018. AUTO i CARE is a professional service that provides aid for vehicle emergencies, providing automobile mechanics, it guarantees prompt services 24X7. AUTO i CARE has craved it’s own special space and is well known among the industry and it’s peers for genuine and reliable Road Side Assistance service. The ultimate proof of this today we have 48000 local garages across India in our family. We believe in community growth and not individual growth. AUTO i CARE is a team of dedicated professionals spread across the length and breadth of India. In an unforeseen event, if you and your vehicle get immobilized due to a breakdown or road accident, RSA family will be at a call away for immediate help.

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