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B2B product launched by Egyptian beauty startup Glamera

Glamera, which launched in September 2019, allows customers to schedule appointments with hundreds of contracted providers, including salons, clinics, spas, gyms, and dentistry offices.

In Egypt, the business has tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of suppliers, and it’s also operating in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh. It raised a six-figure seed round a year ago to grow further across the Middle East and North Africa area.

For the time being, Glamera Business, a new B2B SaaS solution for managing beauty salons, gyms, and spas, is being added to the company’s product portfolio.

“After noticing the market needs in the MENA region and through two years of market researching, Glamera came out with its complementary SaaS system to manage all operational process inside beauty salons and other providers, so the whole process from booking the service till finishing it and the issuance of the invoice will be managed by Glamera and Glamera Business,” the startup said.

With over 100 monthly and yearly performance reports, Glamera Business manages booking, finance, client data, marketing, human resources, invoice issuance, and warehousing. It has already completed around 50,000 transactions in less than two months since its inception.


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