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Be an Incubee!

Ideas are all around us.

The magic that ideas can bring to our lives is all around us.

Everything we touch, feel and see is born out of an idea that germinated in someone’s mind.

In my travels across India and globally, I have interacted with many people with different ideas, each unique in its thought, application and purpose.

Some ideas drive social entrepreneurs, some ideas are driven by new age business leaders and some ideas are seeds that need to be sown and allowed to grow by young students.

But an idea is an idea, and we must understand it, nurture it and give it wind beneath its wings.

Incubees – is an idea that germinated in our mind post our interactions with several people in India and globally. The people were start-ups entrepreneurs and students from different institutes with the next big idea to change the world.

That energy, that vibrancy; we felt was infectious. And we believed that this energy behind new innovative ideas needed a voice and a platform to share their ideas with the world.

Our mission at Incubees is to be the voice of startup ideas to the global markets.

Our mission is also to be a facilitator, to make sure that every innovative idea we comes across becomes a reality and does not just remain as a dream.

Our aim is to laud success and encourage failures.

Our vision to be at the forefront of innovation and startup surge globally.

Feel the startup buzz with Incubees!


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