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Beco: Aiming to make sustainability a household habit

People still use plastic and is part of our daily activities which is extremely detrimental to the environment. According to a report by the State of India’s Environment 2022 by the Centre for Science and Environment India generates a total of 25940 tons of plastic waste daily.

Beco is a startup whose portfolio includes plant-based products such as tearable laundry sheets, reusable kitchen towel rolls, bamboo facial tissues, floor cleaners, and compostable garbage bags. It initially spread its business in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Beco claims to have been using bamboo, sugarcane, coconut, and a few other natural replacements for plastic. There are other startups as well which are planning to take sustainability initiatives which include Colgate, Palmolive, Forest Essentials, etc.

Beco was founded by three friends and alumni of BITS Pilani Aditya, Anuj, and Akshay. There was a day when they participated in a beach clean-up drive in Mumbai. During the cleaning, they came across an orange wrapper of a chocolate bar Marathon. Chocolate that had been taken off the shelf in the 1990s although the wrapper had survived all these years. This starked them to start a sustainability company in 2018.

With the aim to make sustainability a household habit, Beco has made a name for itself among the home product companies. Aditya Ruia co-founder of Beco said “The problem that we’re trying to solve is to help make sustainability convenient. As a businessman, I look at myself as a consumer. Just making smarter, leaner choices today is actually not burning a hole in your pocket.”




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