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Changa App gears up to become one of the top Short Video Platforms in India

Gurugram: Changa, a short video creation app launched by the Gurugram based IT tech firm BITCS is set to break all records. With the sudden ban on a lot of Chinese apps, the Indian market saw an opportunity for blistering growth. And with ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ becoming a trend, the market saw dozens of alternatives for TikTok coming up one after another. This was when the homegrown short video application, Changa, gained huge popularity in the entire nation. A lot of investors are showing interest in this market, and the company is looking to close the first round of fundraising by the end of this month.

Changa received more than 1lakh downloads in its first three days of launch and has been growing since then. Since the release of its initial version, it has gained wonderful reviews and the trust of the users. So far, Changa has crossed 3 million users in quite a short period of time. And with the ever so amazing response the application received, it is set to become one of the top short video platforms in India.

Convenience of editing, uploading, and sharing content has enabled it to beat contemporaries quite easily. However, what makes the app stand apart is the ability to import TikTok data and followers directly to the app. This feature allows to import old TikTok videos directly into the app and also lets the users gain back followers if  they had 100k+ followers on TikTok. The Changa team has also integrated social media platforms and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, making it easier to share a short video with friends and family.

Shubham Agarwal, the mastermind behind the Changa app comes from a tech background, with years of experience working with tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. After leaving the corporate life behind, he went on to start his own firm BITCS in Gurugram. On being asked about how he is celebrating the success of Changa, he said, “We don’t just want to stop here. We are constantly working towards enhancing the UI & UX of the platform and want to ensure that top quality content is being generated at all times. We value the talents of creators and wish to provide them with a unique and seamless experience.”

In the days to come, the Changa app is aiming to introduce advanced features, new filters, and special effects that will enhance the overall experience of creators. Shubham’s vision is to get all the Tik Tok’s Indian user base of 100M+ onboarded to the Changa app by early next year. A key element to this short video platform’s success is the need for entertaining content by all age groups. A new dance move, joke, meme, or trend is loved by everyone. However, the way it is being portrayed on a platform is something not everyone gets. Changa has definitely won this battle and taken ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ to the next level.


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