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ConDigital, Ethiopian construction-tech startup raised pre-seed funding

ConDigital, which was launched in January 2019, digitises the construction project management process for contractors, consultants, and owners. Data computation, processing, and reporting are among the services it offers, as are scheduling, resource, and financial management, communication channels, centralised cloud file storage, and analytics.

After getting accepted into The Baobab Network’s accelerator programme in 2019, ConDigital received US $25,000 in investment and has since raised an unknown amount of startup money. The investment will enable the business to solidify its foothold in Ethiopia and begin to grow across the East African area, led by an investor from the United States (US) and involving angel investors from East Africa, Europe, and Asia.

“We created ConDigital to serve real issues that have dire effects on our country and continent. Infrastructure is at the heart of the African renaissance; we envision that ConDigital will play a great role in making it efficient. We are happy and extremely lucky to receive support from investors whose years of expertise in SaaS and the African market are solid. Their insight and advisory will serve as fuel for our growth. We are excited about the future,” said the chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder Abel Gebreananya.


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