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Creative Peripherals launches Ckart

Mumbai: With a commitment towards its partners and the growth of businesses across the country, Creative Peripherals is launching a Made in India platform for Indian Businesses – Ckart, which will revolutionise the distribution business in India. Ckart will bring the massive offline distribution strength of Creative Peripherals amassed over the period of three decades, online. This will ensure that businesses across the country will be able to thrive and grow with the support of Ckart.

Along with the convenience of ordering products online, the platform also has comprehensive and unique services like Drop Shipment, Customised Price list and marketing assets for the partners company, Brand Training, Loyalty Points and E-warranty. This ensures that Ckart is not just a shopping platform but an ecosystem working towards growth of all businesses in the consumer electronics domain.

With almost three decades of industry experience and over 5000 dealers across the country, Creative Peripherals and Distribution limited is a trusted name in the field of IT, Telecom, Lifestyle & Imaging. Creative Peripherals & Distribution is launching the first truly Indian B2B digital shopping platform Ckart on August 5th, 2020 at 11 A.M. through a Webinar.

On the launch, Mr. Ketan Patel (CEO & Cofounder, Creative Peripheral) says, “It’s a proud feeling for us all at Creative Peripherals today. As an organization, we have always worked towards creating an ecosystem which is mutually beneficially for everyone who is a part of it. Ckart is our biggest step towards the same. Ckart is not just a platform for conducting business but to build a community. A community of visionary individuals who want to be a part of the global market while remaining true to their consumers. Global in Vision but local at heart is our motto.”

He adds,” We already have a bouquet of over 20 brands. With more and more global brands wishing to come to India, seeing the high-growth potential of this market, we stand at a good vantage point to be the go-to specialist for new brands. The platform would make us more attractive for prospective new brands wishing to enter the market. We have even applied for a process patent for this platform.”

Creative Peripherals with the support of their dealers and employees have maintained a flexible & agile supply chain which has time and again fulfilled the dynamic changes of the growing consumer electronics market in India. They have been agile to adapt to all changes that the distribution business constantly demands and in fact have proven themselves to be thought leaders in the same. Associated with some of the top brands not only in India but globally, Creative Peripherals provides more than 3000 products to businesses & individuals across the country through its robust distribution network.


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