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Damco Launches ‘Workplace COVID Management’ Solution to Help Businesses Get Back to Work Confidently

New Delhi: Damco Solutions Inc., leading technology solutions and digital services company, has announced the launch of its enterprise-grade ‘Workplace COVID Management’ solution to assist businesses in managing the health and safety of their workforce amid the crisis. ‘Workplace COVID Management’ is a SaaS solution hosted on the AWS Cloud and is robust and secure to comply with data security needs. The solution stands out with its premium features, affordable pricing structure, and relevancy across industries.

To enable businesses get back to the workplace confidently, the solution offers necessary framework and technology support encompassing features listed below:

Employees & Visitors Screening: Self-assessment/symptom tracking of employees/visitors in real-time to determine suitability for entering the workplace.

Contact-Tracing: Automated tracking of workforce interactions to minimize the spread, monitor social distancing compliance, and set occupancy limits.

Surveillance & Management: Contactless attendance, automated queuing system, and hardware integration.

COVID Chatbot: AI-powered bots to quickly answer employee queries, fight misinformation, and deliver fast response around COVID-19.

Dashboard & Analytics: A comprehensive view of enterprise risk exposure, data-rich analytics, and reporting to make informed decisions about workforce wellness.

Mohit Gupta, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Damco Solutions Inc., said, “Now more than ever, enterprises of all sizes need to step up, advocate for and ensure the health and safety of their workforce. We want to fulfill this responsibility of enterprises with a suite of solutions that gives access to key health metrics to monitor workplace safety issues and ensure the wellbeing of employees returning to work. With its integrated analytics platform, Workplace COVID Management solution can be quickly deployed to defend the contagion and deliver success to businesses—now and beyond.”

Gaurav Handa, Vice President, Technology, explained, “Our Workplace COVID Management solution rapidly responds to enterprise needs to efficiently manage operations with features like risk-profiling, real-time alerts, analytics, chatbots, and contact tracing. It leverages multi-tenant architecture, providing a single centrally administered, network-based access to data with much less overhead to serve multiple customers.”


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