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Decimal Technologies launches AI-based digital lending marketplace SAARATHI

Mumbai: Decimal Technologies, one of India’s leading fintech firms, has announced the launch of Saarathi, a pioneering, one-of-a-kind lending marketplace, specializing in the digital transformation of loan files.

The AI-based product enables hassle-free, paperless digitalization of multiple financial products such as loans, credit cards, and insurance on one platform. Saarathi offers a transparent, low-cost process to the lender ecosystem ensuring loan files are trustworthy and fraud-proof, while at the same time making the approval process 5X faster for customers.

With Saarathi, customers can lower their operational costs and enhance the speed of file processing digitally. This gives them the opportunity to expand their network by connecting with multiple lending partners and scale their business by selling more products. On the other hand, for Lenders, Saarathi removes inefficiencies, reduces costs, improves customer experience, and promotes trust across the network.

Additionally, with the detailed, user-friendly credit assessment memo, lenders can practice controlled yet faster risk assessment. Saarathi has been built on Decimal Technologies’ proprietary and trusted No-Code Low-Code platform, which facilitates scale with security. This technology has been tried and tested for over a decade.


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