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Delivery Hero to be rebranded Talabat

Dubai: Otlob, the Egyptian food delivery platform is being rebranded to Talabat, the Dubai-based company announced in a statement today to MENAbytes. With this rebranding exercise, Delivery Hero is further consolidating its business in the Middle East & North Africa under the brand of Talabat.

Talabat earlier this year had also absorbed the operations of Carriage. With the latest rebranding exercise that will be completed on September 1, Delivery Hero will have only three (consumer-facing) brands in the region; Talabat that is present all across the region, Zomato (UAE), and HungerStation in Saudi.

“The September 1st rebrand reconfirms Talabat’s commitment to the Egyptian market, and the vast potential that it holds. In the upcoming years Talabat will continue to invest significantly in the country to stimulate growth in a range of delivery-related sectors – aligning with the recently launched Digital Transformation initiative by the Egyptian government,” said Talabat in a statement to MENAbytes.

Founded in 1999, Otlob is known as the first food ordering platform of the region. Even though its owners have changed multiple times in its over twenty-year-history, the brand had continued to live. Not anymore though.

Rocket Internet had acquired Otlob in 2015. Delivery Hero, in late 2016 then, acquired Rocket Internet’s food delivery businesses (and Otlob was apparently part of the deal – that was closed in 2017).

Talabat today has also announced that it plans to create 50,000 freelance rider jobs in Egypt by the end of this year.


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