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DOPAMS software application developed by Telangana police for drug trafficking

For profiling, monitoring, and analysis of NDPS cases, Telangana police created DOPAMS (Drug Offenders Profiling, Analysis, and Monitoring System).

The software developed in-house in the CI cell, which is built on the backbone of CCTNS data, allows investigating officers to build, update, and search profiles of all known drug offenders, said Director General of Police (DGP) M.Mahendar Reddy after releasing a poster on the DOPAMS here on Tuesday.

He explained that in addition to identifying habitual criminals who have committed repeated crimes, the programme may also be used to identify offenders based on the location in which they operate and the type of drugs they deal with.

It permits Investigating Officers to maintain track of Drug Offenders throughout the state using the software programme, allowing them to discover hot locations of Drug Peddling, Cultivation, and Supply, he added.

Allows monitoring of NDPS cases reported in the state at the state level, he noted.




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