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Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme selected Kenyan startup Crypsense Digital Group

The Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme has chosen Crypsense Digital Group, a Kenya-based platform for creating and managing the capacity of digital assets, offering it access to mentorship and assistance.

The Africa Blockchain Centre, one of the startups under Adanian Labs, which intends to build, nurture, and expand 300 impact-driven tech firms across Africa, is the creator of Crypsense Digital Group.

It provides a complete solution for the institutional adoption of blockchain and digital assets in Africa as a platform for establishing and managing digital asset capacity. Capacity building, asset management and custodial solutions, asset finance, and a launchpad for accelerators to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in Africa are the major pillars.

A prominent pre-accelerator and incubator in Silicon Valley that supports the growth of high-potential technology firms, Draper University runs the 12-week Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme for high-growth blockchain enterprises internationally. Timothy Cook Draper, a top-tier venture capital investor in the technology sector who has invested in companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Coinbase, Skype, Baidu, and many more, created it.

The collaboration program provides companies in blockchain and Web 3 with the support they need to receive all the industry mentoring and assistance required to expand their significant solutions internationally. The Crypsense team competed in a pitch competition against some of the top 15 fastest-growing Web 3 firms in order to earn a position on the panel of judges.

“This is an amazing opportunity to accelerate Web 3 adoption in Africa through the programme and partnerships. We have so much untapped talent and potential within our continent in blockchain and Web 3. I am excited for Africa and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes us,” said Alice Anangi, co-founder and CEO of Crypsense Digital Group.

“We understand the potential that blockchain has in solving some of the challenges that are facing Africa and we believe that we can use our disruptive nature as a continent to create value for ourselves through the adoption of the technology.”




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