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DRU GOLD Provides Customers with the Best Gold Exchange Rate

Hyderabad: DRU GOLD, Hyderabad based trusted gold recycling start-up, opens its doors to invite consumers to unlock the optimum value from their Gold and Jewellery with the best in market exchange rates. The start-up which is in line with the ‘Atmanirbhar‘ philosophy, aims to control the excessive gold imports to our country. DRU GOLD, which has quickly expanded to create its wide network in Hyderabad, plans to be at their customer’s service across all its touchpoints.

In a market largely dominated by the unorganized sector, DRU ensures trust, transparency and reliability in all its processes to offer unparalleled benefits and instant compensations at the best market rates. The organization has rolled out offers and exchange rates on gold unrivaled by any other company in the sector. With the gold prices being at an all-time high, customers can avail the benefits of the best in market exchange rates by putting their old and unused gold to good use for instant liquidity to meet their urgent requirements.

DRU GOLD has already served 1000+ customers even during the pandemic, and with their fast-paced growth approach & excellence across their journey, DRU GOLD plans to go global soon. The company has expanded its reach to 15 stores in the span of three months. The stores endeavor to service their customers on a personal level, giving assistance and transparency through all the steps of gold processing.

Commenting on this mission, Mr. Akhilesh Agarwal, Founder, and CEO, DRU GOLD said, “We’re a customer-first organization and this development helps us put them at the center of everything we do! It’s a lucrative opportunity to tap a large market serviced by largely unorganized players. This move will also excite our customers as they can avail instant liquidity and there is also a new class of customers looking to generate cash by pledging gold. In the coming days, DRU GOLD wishes to bring in the much-needed transparency, efficiency in the market and make the sector more organized.”


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