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eBreath, an Everyday Mask With Innovative Ventilation System, Fully Funds on Kickstarter

BARCELONA, Spain, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Breathe cleaner air with eBreath, a comfortable mask with a unique ventilation system that filters out pollutants and particles in the air, all while providing exceptional comfort. In just two weeks on Kickstarter, the campaign has raised more than 330% of its goal.

Coronavirus aside, breathing dirty, polluted air is dangerous. From second-hand smoke to smog and emissions from vehicles, filtering the air is a good idea for everyday life. But the fabric masks that have become mandatory in many parts of the world as it grapples with the pandemic are uncomfortable. They get damp from sweat and exhaled breaths and have limited airflow.

eBreath launched June 30th to provide a comfortable, innovative alternative. It features N99 filters, silver ion filters and an air ventilation system to provide continuous airflow, making it perfect for exercise. N99 filters are inserted into the mask and last an average of 100 hours between replacements.

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills millions of people worldwide annually, and 9 out of every 10 people breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants. Some of that pollution is noticeable in the form of haze in cities small and large. In the United States, a new study found that air pollution remains at levels that are deadly to older Americans.

“I founded eBreath after living in Asia and developing breathing complications,” said Dasha de Buor, creator of eBreath. “eBreath not only protects wearers from pollution and particles but is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.”

With Rflow®, a unique air ventilation system that extracts the warm air exhaled with each breath through a silver ion filter in the valve, eBreath delivers uncompromised comfort while wearing a mask. Rflow offers three speeds of ventilation, charges via USB in 30 minutes and can be used for up to four hours between charges. This ventilation system helps keep moisture that occurs from sweat and when breathing with a mask from forming. No more sweaty, wet faces.

Every mask is created with ultra-breathable, eco-friendly, non-woven fabrics featuring silver nano fibres. The addition of silver helps to prevent odor and provides a cooling sensation when wearing the mask. Available in two adult sizes and a children’s size, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Every component of the mask is washable, either by hand, in dishwashers or in washing machines, putting an end to single-use masks.

eBreath is available to pre-order starting at €61 and will ship to backers in August. To pre-order, visit

About eBreath
eBreath is a passionate team of entrepreneurs that values high-quality and well-designed products with a strong network of partners in Europe and around the world. The team aims to provide the best information and protection against air pollution. For more information, visit


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