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Fitness startup Portl raised $3 M funding from Bharat Innovation Fund

The $3 million funding round led by Bharat Innovation Fund has been successfully closed by Portl, an Indian startup providing digital fitness and wellness technologies.

In a statement released, Portl said that T-Hub Foundation, a new investor, and Kalaari Capital, an existing investor, also participated in this round.

The new funding infusion is expected to hasten Portl’s advancement of its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) systems, market expansion, and product development.

With the help of its most recent funding round, Portl intends to increase the size of its customer base in India and internationally while also diversifying its product line by launching connected strength systems for users of all fitness levels.

Strength training at home will be improved by these systems’ multiple training modes and adjustable digital weight technology.

The company also plans to introduce its next generation of hardware, content, and technology products for the digital health and wellness market.

“At Portl, we are dedicated to reimagining personalized fitness through state-of-the-art technology,

“We are dedicated to revolutionizing personalized fitness with cutting-edge technology,” said Indraneel Gupta, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Portl.

He claims that the company’s vision and dedication to enabling everyone, wherever they may be, to have access to health and fitness are validated by this most recent round of funding.

“By integrating advanced AI and innovative hardware, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their wellness goals seamlessly and effectively, delivering personalized experiences at scale and afford people the opportunity to adopt healthier lifestyles with ease,” he added.

Specializing in fitness, health, and wellness, Portl is a Hyderabad-based technology company founded in March 2021 by Indraneel Gupta, Vishal Chandapeta, and Armaan Kandhari.

With the help of its sophisticated digital platform and flagship product, the Portl Studio, the company offers customized fitness and wellness experiences right in customers’ homes, five-star hotels, and gyms.

With a 43-inch 4K screen, built-in biosensors, HD cameras, and edge-AI processing, the Smart Mirror combines seamless telemedicine integrations, Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, real-time form feedback, and health monitoring.




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