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Forward-thinking gaming startup Exverse raised $3 M in private funding round

Exverse, a forward-thinking gaming startup with its headquarters in Dubai, has raised $3 million in a private funding round to advance its big idea to transform Web3 gaming.

Heavyweights in the industry including KuCoin Labs, Epic Games, Seedify, and ChainGPT participated in the funding round, which was led by well-known investors like Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital. With this significant investment, Exverse will be able to further its marketing campaigns throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, forge strategic alliances, and get ready for its impending alpha launch and token release.

In the context of concerns about the viability of early Web3 gaming models, Exverse is dedicated to resolving these issues by placing a higher priority on gameplay quality than tokenomics. In contrast to numerous antecedents that prioritized token mechanics and ostentatious marketing over providing an engaging gaming experience, Exverse is committed to striking a chord with both mainstream players and cryptocurrency aficionados.

Exverse’s ambitious three-planet ecosystem, which aims to provide players with an immersive and sophisticated gameplay experience, is the center of the game. All three planets—Social, Quest, and Battle—support different ways of playing while staying connected in a single timeline. Seasons are eight-week competitive cycles in which players compete for supremacy and gain rewards via skill-based gameplay as opposed to pay-to-win tactics.

Battle Planet: Get ready for heart-pounding action as players test their mettle in massive battle royales and tight team deathmatches.

Quest Planet: Put your strategy and teamwork to the test by teaming up with friends to take on unique partnership missions, raid clans, and conquer seasonal events.

The Social Planet: The center of Exverse, where users congregate for social gatherings and in-depth interactions with one another, creating a lively and dynamic gaming community.

Exverse, which is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, uses blockchain technology to improve gameplay while finding a careful balance between enjoyment and realism. Prior to each season, players can earn rewards by staking tokens in the game. Top performers will receive a portion of the earnings from in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which include skins and cosmetics.

Prior to the token launch of Exverse, a deathmatch-style tournament will take place on the Battle Planet of the game, giving early waitlist members a unique chance to demonstrate their prowess.

Fei Ooi Hoong, CEO of Exverse, expressed the company’s pioneering vision, stating, “We see ourselves as pioneers in the gaming industry because we’ve built an AAA-quality, classic first-person shooter with Web3 elements.” Emphasizing the importance of delivering a fun and visually captivating game before integrating token mechanics, Hoong believes Exverse is poised to captivate audiences in a manner reminiscent of beloved gaming titles like ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Halo,’ and ‘Counter-Strike.’




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