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Founder assistance program launched by Fintech fund White Venture Capital

‘Call to Adventure’ is a new initiative that White Venture Capital, a FinTech-focused fund created by industry veterans Amrish Rau and Jitendra Gupta together with angel investor Sweta Rau, has developed to assist industry leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs in launch firms.

As part of the program, White Venture Capital will assist these business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs in connecting with other founder networks, offer mentorship and support to jump-start their entrepreneurial endeavors, and make an equity investment in the startups worth $500,000 as well.

According to reports, Sweta Rau, the founder, and managing partner of White Venture Capital will select 4-6 concepts for the initial batch. As part of the scheme, the fund has set aside a corpus of up to $3 million for investments.

According to data, Sweta Rau told, “Even in our portfolio companies (as angel investors), which have driven maximum returns for us, we saw industry executives initially being very hesitant to startup and needing a sounding board to validate their ideas. Today, these 4-5 investments have become very successful. Hence, we thought of starting this programme, and formalizing it, which will give entrepreneurs the right confidence to start. Also, during a downturn, we see the best entrepreneurial talent come out”.

“As part of the programme, our first cheque will take care of initial expenses for these executives starting up. We will primarily be focused on the FinTech ecosystem as a part of ‘Call to Adventure’, but will also look at other areas of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and consumer technology,” she added. “Once they have built their products, we will be happy to introduce them to other investors who also are our LPs (limited partners) or make follow-on investments.”




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