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Gamesbandy, an Egyptian gaming marketplace received a $40k funding

Gamesbandy, which was founded in 2020, is the first site in the region to provide consumers a secure and easy method to buy and sell gaming accounts and accessories. Gamers may sell their former high-level accounts to those who would rather pay than start from scratch.

The business, which has over 1,500 members from 24 countries, received seed investment from Flat6Labs and Tamkeen in June to help it expand. It has recently received a grant of US$40,000 from Taqadam, which it plans to utilise to improve its platform to accommodate new games, expand regionally, and boost its user base.

Taqadam will also devote six months to mentoring and training in order to guide and build the firm.

“We are excited and grateful for the funding and grants from Taqadam,” said Abdulrahman Aboshamah, founder of GamesBandy. “Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community.”


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