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GoodsMart, Cairo-based online household shopping service has raised US $3.6 million in funding

Customers may browse hundreds of luxury grocery and home products from a range of stores and suppliers, place orders, and have things delivered to their door through GoodsMart, which was founded in 2014.

Over 100 suppliers have been added, a marketplace section has been launched, and additional features such as recurring orders and the ability to add multiple user accounts per household have been added in the last two years, according to the startup, which last received funding from Algebra Ventures in 2019.

GoodsMart recently secured US$3.6 million in financing under the direction of Sawari Ventures to expand its staff further. It is covering West Cairo and is scheduled to extend to East Cairo in a few months once a number of agreements with different providers and development companies have successfully been concluded.

“We started in 2014 with a vision to re-invent grocery shopping. Our biggest success is the emotional bond we managed to create with our clients – listening to them was and will always be the secret recipe,” said Amr Fawzi, chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of GoodsMart, said.


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