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Grid, a no-code data & operations management platform received $700k investment

Grid, a no-code data and operations management platform, announced that it has secured $700,000 in a round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN).

The newly injected funds will mostly be utilized to grow the company’s sales and marketing operations throughout target areas, as well as to enhance its product range.

“With increasing commodity costs, companies are getting more data-centric to increase the efficiency of their operations. Starting as a no-code operations management platform, we envision Grid as the essential operational layer that brings together people and device data to create ESG-focused operations,” Udit Poddar NSE 1.56 %, chief executive officer (CEO) & cofounder, Grid, said in a statement.

As it goes up, the Ranchi-based firm said it will focus on bringing in the appropriate people, both from within the company and through its partner network.

In the second quarter, Grid hopes to create the first marketplace for operations management apps developed in partnership with industry experts. The firm, which operates in a variety of areas, stated that it plans to extend its worldwide footprint in FY2022-23 and in the following financial year.

“Grid has demonstrated the ability to build a high-performance business in under-served sectors such as mining and infrastructure, while at the same time developing easy-to-use technology that provides rapid ROI to their customers,” Jaideep Mehta, Lead Investor at IAN said.




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