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IIT-H incubated startup PURE EV to collaborate with CECRI

Hyderabad: Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT) Hyderabad-incubated startup PURE EV will collaborate with CSIR – Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), headquartered at Karaikudi with its Extension Centre at CSIR Madras Complex, Chennai on indigenizing Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) technology for electric vehicles.
This initiative will support the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives of the Government of India.

PURE EV has signed an MoU with CSIR-CECRI to undertake Joint Research on the production of battery packs, validation of LIB cells, and addressing the specific requirements to ensure the suitability of developed LIBs for critical performance at the Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) conditions, a release here said on Wednesday.
Lithium batteries are the most reliable and commercially-viable choice for electric vehicles across the world. Currently, in India, Lithium cells are mainly imported from China, which is a very critical dependence necessary for the final battery packs required for electric vehicles.

To address this market monopoly, CSIR has launched a project titled, ‘CSIR Innovation Centre for Next Generation Energy Storage Solutions (ICeNGESS)’ with an aim to produce LIBs on a 100 MW scale.

PURE EV is an electric vehicle vertical of the startup PuREnergy that is engaged in the design and development of advanced LIBs manufacturing with a core focus on battery thermal management systems, hence making it one of the top picks in this mission.

Collaboration between PURE EV and CSIR-CECRI is a big step in setting the path forward for indigenous Lithium-Ion technology to help the country in boosting Electric Vehicles apart for stationary and storage applications.
Under this MoU, PURE EV will assist CECRI in the areas including production of battery packs with the inclusion of BMS of appropriate category to address thermal management and safety, validation and testing of LIB cells and battery packs for their suitability in mobility or stationary applications and battery packs for strategic applications by way of addressing the specific requirements and to ensure the suitability of CECRI developed LIBs for their critical performance at the mentioned SoP or SOC conditions, the release added.

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