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In LA, Uber Eats tests deliveries with self-driving cars & robots

On Monday, Uber Eats started two autonomous delivery experiments in Los Angeles. According to a report, the business worked with US companies Serve Robotics and Motional to launch the experiments. Serve Robotics manufactures delivery robots that can negotiate sidewalks, whereas Motional is an autonomous car firm.

Uber revealed during its Global Product Event on Monday that it is introducing a variety of new goods across its platforms, including autonomous vehicle (AV) deliveries.

This is the first time the ride-hailing behemoth has partnered with an AV fleet supplier, despite previously owning a 26 percent interest in Aurora, another self-driving tech firm.

While Uber will incorporate the cost of food when billing clients for deliveries from both partners, it is unclear how Motion will do so. Because autonomous car deliveries in California require specific permission from the Department of Motor Vehicles, this is the case. According to the article, there is no rule prohibiting businesses from charging for deliveries conducted by sidewalk robots.




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