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Indian origin led US-based Biotech Startup Discovers Novel Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19

San Carlos: CAGE Bio Inc., today announced discovery of a novel hand sanitizer that offers long-lasting protection from coronavirus and other harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  It kills germs on contact and, unlike common hand sanitizers, provides protection against their transmission for more than four hours after applying to skin.

CAGE Bio, which researches and develops ionic liquids for dermatology, inflammation and immunology, said that this innovation is a new class of hand sanitizers for a new threat.  Its discovery contains ethyl alcohol to remove gross contamination and a proprietary ionic liquid technology that preserves an elevated state of hand protection for many hours.

Called IonLAST™, CAGE Bio’s patent-pending, four-plus hour protectant against harmful microbes is far superior to common alcohol-based sanitizers, which haven’t changed in decades and are typically effective for only a few minutes.  Using CAGE Bio’s ionic liquid technology, IonLAST forms a protective shield that lasts for several hours and provides protection that does not evaporate away.

“Long-lasting protection against the transmission of dangerous pathogens via hands will be helpful in many environments including nursing homes, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms and office workplaces.  Long-lasting protection will play an important role in helping Americans get back to their lives, workplaces and routine activities as the country continues to reopen,” said Nitin Joshi, chief executive officer, CAGE Bio.  “The average person touches their face 16 to 23 times every hour, often risking exposure to pathogens.  While washing hands and following CDC prevention guidelines continues to be important, applying IonLAST after each washing or between washings is easy and delivers confidence by minimizing the risk of viral and bacterial transmission.”

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