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Introducing new Trends and Timeless Styles; Mirage Décor Studio

Ayushi Dixit is the founder of Mirage Décor Studio. It is a Residential as well as Commercial  Interior Décor firm. They create designs that add value to clients’ homes/offices. Our interior décor does not cost – they earn! Ayushi was in conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Assistant Editor at

INCUBEES: Tell us about your product or services?

Ayushi: Services we provide are:

  • Furniture layouts using new and existing furniture
  • Space planning
  • Floor plans, elevations, details, and renderings
  • Custom furniture, cabinet, and millwork design
  • Kitchen and bathroom design
  • Preconstruction services – Helping clients to communicate interior elements needed by architects and contractors prior to and during the construction process
  • Additional  services – provide design services for clients with special needs

INCUBEES: What makes your product/services unique and what competition do you see in India and globally?

Ayushi: Our Services are Unique. As a team we solve problems. Our clients come to us with questions, their needs, and through design development, we answer those questions and provide solutions for their wants and needs. We understand how people move through, live, work in, and experience interior space. We consider the specific experiences and functions space or project must support from the point of view of the user. Our unique understanding of psychological and human factors as well as formal design principles, materials, codes and regulations, and the means and methods of construction inform our diagnosis of user needs and the development of design concepts.

INCUBEES: What are the challenges you see in the market at this point in time?

Ayushi: The challenges we see in the market are Managing Time. For interior design firms, time management skills are a must. Selling Your Big Ideas to people, and maintaining client expectations. Working within fast turnarounds. Introducing Trends and Timeless Style. Managing Costs. Handling Self-Promotion.

INCUBEES: Tell us about your team and what inspires them?

Ayushi: We have people who are hardworking towards their work and designs. Always motivated to take new ideas and execute them with full dedication. A quote that inspires them is Perfection is impossible; just strive to give your best.

INCUBEES: Where do you see your product/service reaching in the next five-years?

Ayushi: We want to develop our skillset. At the end of the next five years, we want to know how to use CLIENTS IDEAS for our design. We want to have a better understanding of the Competitive Market. Our hope is that we can apply our new skills to our clients and execute them.

INCUBEES: Do you have plans to raise funding to grow your business or allow your business to organically grow?

Ayushi: Yes, we do have plans for funding to grow our business  Organically we wish to grow our business through internal processes, relying on its own resources. Strategies for organic growth include optimization of processes, reallocation of resources, and new product offerings. Measuring organic growth is done by comparing revenues year over year and comparable-store sales. Organic growth stands in contrast to inorganic growth, which is external growth, such as through mergers and acquisitions.

INCUBEES: What are the challenges you face as a startup?

Ayushi: As a start-up, the Competition poses one of the biggest challenges, Unrealistic Expectations, Hiring Suitable Candidates, Partnership Decision Making, Winning the Trust of Customers and Financial management were the biggest challenges we faced at the beginning.


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