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itSpray announces partnership Appelman Schauben & j.Grob

New York: itSpray announced their recent partnerships with rep groups Appelman Schauben (A&S) and j.Grob. These partnerships come on the heels of the organization’s strategic initiative to expand Brick and Mortar presence among independent retail locations across the Eastern region of the United States.

Kimberly Stiele, Founder of itSpray shared “Our brand has seen consistent year-over-over growth since the beginning of our start-up journey. We believe this is a direct reflection of a very deliberate growth strategy coupled with a high-quality product that brings the consumer both innovation & convenience. It was critical for us to create a strong product line that works, develop a loyal direct to consumer sales base and partner with key retailers who are on the forefront of innovation.

Over the past 12 months we have seen great success in our retail partnerships and look forward to collaborating with the Appelman Schauben (A&S) and j.Grob sales teams to accelerate our presence in retailers across the East Coast

itSpray offers a growing line of spray solutions that use a unique sublingual delivery method:

  • Spray delivery is absorbed into the bloodstream within seconds.
  • Traditional vitamins travel through the digestive system, taking up to 60 minutes to take effect.
  • A sublingual approach allows the body to absorb up to 95% of provided nutrients.
  • Traditional supplements average 20% absorption, due to the use of fillers and binders.


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