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Jordanian Edtech IQRA’A secures Pre-Seed funding

Despite the recent adversities in both local and global economies, IQRA’A – a Jordanian-born start-up focusing on online education – eclipsed those hardships and was able to seal its first round of investment.

As an Ed-tech company, IQRA’A seeks to address the issues that many have faced with online educational content providers throughout the lockdown period during the Coronavirus pandemic, including but not limited to:

  1. Students, teachers, and schools were unable to communicate properly without interruption.
    2. A decrease in students’ focus on materials, as well as teachers’ abilities to get their information across,
    3. Lack of high quality of educational content being delivered to students.
    4. Difficulty in acquiring data at an affordable price for academic entities.

“With the latest developments worldwide, students were hassled into the world of online education, with neither the privilege of time to prepare for it, nor suitable, up-to-date technology to support them throughout it. IQRA’A wants to bridge that gap, and build its content to ease that process for pupils”, says Mohammad Abusheikh, CEO and Founder.

Furthermore, IQRA’A aims to attract students to study, by converting their dull academic requirements into entertaining storyboard videos that allows them to indulge in their school books more thoroughly. Additionally, IQRA’A have compared students’ ability to concentrate and focus on lessons taken traditionally and those taken through the IQRA’A method, and have come to the conclusion that with IQRA’A, students were able to receive information more efficiently and achieve better results in school.

“Our main focus at IQRA’A is helping students reach their full potential. We want to provide them with the information they need efficiently in a way that attracts them, rather than bores them. We want to change the ideology of school being a burden, to school being amusing”, says Mira Borini, CXO.

IQRA’A is an entrepreneurial-driven start-up company focused on innovative content creation for school students. The start-up wants to convert the country’s educational curriculum into e-form and collaborate with online academic platforms to reach all individuals of all classes. Although baby steps began in Jordan, their target is creating and producing educational content for countries across the MENA region.



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