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KKR Group’s Nirapara Launches ‘N Nattukada’ in Kerala

  • First-of-its kind retail initiative to enhance customer experience
  • Launches ‘nkada’ mobile application to place orders

KKR Group, famously known by the brand name ‘Nirapara’, today announced the launch of ‘N Nattukada’ at Thankalam, Kothamangalam, Kerala. ‘N Nattukada’ is a first-of-its-kind customer centric retail initiative designed to enhance and optimise customer experience. All Nirapara products including rice, whole spices, masala powders, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles, easy to cook breakfast powders will be available at ‘N Nattukada’. Essential products such as pulses and other non-food items from select brands will also be available at the outlet to cater the overall needs of the customers.

nkada app

KKR Group has also announced the launch of ‘nkada’ mobile application to place orders from ‘N Nattukada’. The ‘nkada’ app works on an advance technology that allows real-time integration with the KKR Group’s system for placing orders and to track orders. The retailers, institutions, small retailers, hotels, restaurants, caterers, and other customers will now be able to place orders through ‘nkada’ app and pick-up the orders from their nearest ‘N Nattukada’ outlets. The customers can download the nkada app from Nirapara’s website (

The ‘N Nattukada’ has been launched with an aim to improve customer profitability. The integration of technology will empower the customers by providing better, seamless supply of goods at the right price at the right time. The ‘N Nattukada’ will act as the main touchpoint for customers to place orders, for customer queries, feedbacks, grievances, and complaints.

The ‘N Nattukada’ initiative will reduce inventory holding and wastage by discarding the traditional multi-channel distribution system which requires multiple warehouses. KKR Group’s extensive networking with the farming community has enabled the brand to build a highly cost-effective procurement system. The products procured from farmers will be stored at the main warehouse and will be supplied at ‘N Nattukada’ based on the orders received on the nkada app.

Speaking about this initiative, Biju Karnan, Vice Chairman, KKR Group said, “Customer centricity is the core concept for all our initiatives. The ‘N Nattukada’ initiative has been launched keeping in mind the evolving needs and expectations of the customers. We have always been at the forefront of providing the authentic flavour of Kerala to our consumers. Through ‘N Nattukada’ we will ensure seamless supply of products to our users. We are planning to launch 100 Nattukada across India by December 2020.”

The group currently deals with 8 different categories and is planning to enter non-food categories such as health, wellness and hygiene. The brand promises to show its allegiance to all Keralites regardless of borders. Nirapara strives to offer high-quality, authentic Kerala food to every Keralite living inside or outside India.


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