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Krosslinker raises US$1.25 million to develop thermal insulating nano-material for pharma industry

Krosslinker, a Singapore-based advanced materials maker, has secured US$1.25 million in a seed funding round, led by 500 Startups.

As per a press release, the funds raised will aid Krosslinker in the development of its patented technology to manufacture aerogels and conduct pilot trials with their customers.

Aerogel is an advanced material that is light and resistant to heat and cold. It primarily functions as a thermally insulating material.

Founded in 2019 by a team of three scientists, Krosslinker develops technology that enables the advanced material to be produced faster, cheaper with low-energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

“We believe this packaging innovation comes at an opportune time when the stakes and costs of temp-sensitive commercial and clinical drugs, including potential COVID-19 vaccines, are undergoing a dramatic increase,” he elaborated.

Krosslinker’s fabrication process technology will serve as a collaborative platform to develop multiple aerogel products with a broad array of application-specific properties for various insulation applications.

“We have been receiving interest for high-temperature industrial insulation application and automotive verticals to thermally insulate EV battery packs against thermal runaway and harsh cold weather conditions,” remarked Mahesh Sachithanadam, Director of Innovation & Engineering and Co-founder of Krosslinker.


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