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Kune raises USD 1 million in Pre-Seed

Kenyan food-tech startup Kune, which delivers freshly-made, ready-to-eat meals at affordable prices, has closed a pre-seed funding round worth US$1 million to help it scale after a successful pilot.

Founded by French entrepreneur Robin Reecht in 2020, Kune is a food delivery service that aims to provide busy, modern Nairobians with access to freshly prepared meals at affordable prices.

Aimed at clients from all social groups, Kune’s ready meals promise to be at least half, if not three times, less than the typical price of restaurants and fast food. The startup ran a successful pilot in early 2021, and it will now be launching its freshly made meals and on-demand delivery service in August, with the capacity to produce up to 5,000 servings a day to Nairobi’s working-class and middle-income customers.

“After three intensive months spent structuring the company, finding land for our factory, and hiring key team members, I started fundraising. I’m delighted that Kune has attracted this level of interest from investors who immediately saw the potential to grow Kune not only in Kenya but across Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Reecht.

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