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Latest edition of Techstars Toronto accelerator selected nine African startups

In the most recent Techstars Toronto accelerator, nine businesses from Africa have been chosen to participate. These startups will receive mentorship, US $120,000 in cash, and the chance to raise more capital during demo day.

Mentorship, money and network access are all intended benefits of the 13-week Techstars Toronto accelerator program. The event concludes with a demo day when chosen firms will present to an investor audience that has been carefully vetted. A $120,000 equity investment is also made in startups.

In its most current iteration, which was just released, over three-quarters of the businesses chosen are from the continent, continuing a trend of the program selecting a variety of African startups.

Eight of them are Nigerian, including the marketplace for digital assets Glover Technologies, the firm for logistics Fez Delivery, the platform for payments GIGXPAD, and the ventures for hiring and payroll Raenest and Glover Technologies.

The other startups chosen from Nigeria are the messaging app Simpu, the artisanal marketplace LaborHack, and the online school Klas. The company from Kenya is the eyewear company Mamy Eyewear.




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