Breaking NewsIndian Beehive raises 38 million funding

Gujarat: A Gujarat-based online legal tech firm on Tuesday announced that it has raised funding worth Rs 38 million from ContCentric IT Services Private Limited.

The founder of the company Shrijay Sheth said that the firm was set up in April 2016 to cater the start-ups and SMEs. enables legal, financial, corporate, and taxation compliances. Enabled with a robust technology backbone, every step of the process is online to ensure efficiency, transparency, and maximum value.

ContCentric is a leading enterprise content management company. Since its inception, the firm has leveraged Portal and ECM solutions for addressing the needs of clients globally.

“We are excited about the funding from ContCentric because it will help optimize performance and create new avenues for delivering greater value. It is strategic funding against Technology roadmap for,” he said.

CEO, ContCentric, Gaurav Barot, said: ”Our company will be the investor and technical development partner in this relationship. Our proven expertise in automating business operations will help boost efficiencies, improve customer onboarding, and the customer experience for”


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