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Lifepack raised $7 M Series A funding from Golden Gate Ventures

A series A fundraising round headed by Golden Gate Ventures has awarded $7 million to Lifepack, an Indonesian healthtech business.

Lifepack is a digital pharmacy that was established in 2020 with the goal of offering people in Indonesia high-quality medication at a reasonable price. The business now sells medication for chronic illnesses in addition to over-the-counter medicines and generic vitamins.

John Kwari and Natali Ardianto jointly created the business. The chairman of Lifepack, Kwari, has previously founded a number of Canadian companies involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Ardianto, the company’s CEO, is also a co-founder of a number of firms in Indonesia, including Pluang and

Through its platform, Lifepack allows patients to request clinical consultation on demand while also enabling doctors to provide their services remotely. The business also has a group of qualified pharmacists who work in customer service and may offer clients with chronic diseases professional guidance.

In addition to the two warehouses, it already has in Jakarta and Surabaya, Lifepack aims to construct seven additional important Indonesian metropolises with the new investment. These facilities offer a central place for the nationwide stocking, inventorying, and delivery of medications.

The business projects that by 2025, Indonesia’s pharmaceutical market would be worth $20 billion. However, the market share of online pharmacy services is barely 3.5%.




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