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Line Games’ web3 platform Luxon raised $10.8 M from FTX Ventures

With the financing acquired for its blockchain gaming platform Luxon, Korea’s Nerdystar, the new investment arm of game developer Line Games, has raised a total of US $10.8 million.

Blocore took the lead in the investment, which also included FTX Ventures and GuildFi.

The money was raised after Line made a $5 million first investment. The funding will be used to boost game production and grow the Luxon platform, with the first game debuting later this year.

The purpose of Luxon is to facilitate the transition of consumers and developers to Web3. According to the corporation, third-party games won’t be welcomed onto the platform until Line’s original games have successfully launched.

NFTs will be used heavily in the gameplay of Luxon’s first title, Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos. The publisher will sell assets to players, and there will also be a marketplace where users of the Luxon token may buy or sell NFT things from the game. These resources are produced by the player during gameplay.

Nerdystar claimed to have 100 programmers and artists, the majority of them were seasoned employees of Line’s Oozoo studio who preferred to concentrate on Web3 games.

“We aim to appeal to a traditional gaming audience that wants more ownership without sacrificing game quality,” said Nerdystar CEO Alan Huh.




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