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Making Maths fun with 99Math

Timo Timmi, 19 years old, 99math – Timo Timmi is a teenpreneur from Estonia.

He co-founded 99math in 2018. 99math is a combination of esports and math solving tasks which help pupils to learn mathematics in a more playful environment.

Maths is probably the subject perceived to be the hardest by most pupils, often because it is presented in a serious or old-fashioned way. Timo and his colleagues decided to change that and show that maths can be fun and exciting.

Combining maths games with competitions between friends, students get more interested in acquiring new knowledge and therefore, get better at maths.

Mathematics and an analytical way of thinking in general are one of the biggest prerequisites of becoming a successful software engineer, and one of the goals of 99math is to help to create a world with more engineers, scientists and astronauts.

They are evidently heading in a good direction, as recently we reported that they raised €454K from some of the top investors from Estonia to grow their service worldwide.


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