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Meet Young Boy from Prayagraj who Built 1 Crore Company

Starting a business is tough. Being an entrepreneur one requires more than just capital, a product or service. From an idea, every process brings its own set of challenges, to achieve capital, investment, advertising, marketing and sales. Once you start a business, it requires determination and patience to maintain and grow it. Many entrepreneurs start with just one idea, a small amount of capital and yet, they build a business that is profitable and sustainable. This is also true for a young boy – Arpan Srivastava who took baby steps to create big brands and clock revenues in crores.

Arpan Srivastava

Arpan Srivastava is a young 21-year-old entrepreneur hailing from the Gangetic city of Prayagraj. His rise on the professional horizon has been an inspiring story, to say the least. Two years ago, young and ambitious Srivastava, started his IT firm, Prann Industries with his two colleagues Swati Ramkrishnan and Sayanha Kshatri with a capital investment of less than one lakh Indian rupees. However, within this small period of its existence, the company has already recorded an annual turnover of more than INR 1.2 crores. Praan Industries specializes in IT Consulting, Professional Training, Data Analytics, and Social Media Management. The clients of Arpan Srivastava and his firm include internationally acclaimed names like Shell, IBM, Vedanta, Maersk, and Verizon.

Arpan Srivastava, in many ways, exemplifies the generation of Entrepreneurial Indians, who are looking to make it big in the international market. The growth of Arpan Srivastava in such a small time with limited resources is something which new startups should look to replicate. One can only hope that Arpan Srivastavas rise inspires more Indian youth to take risks and become successful entrepreneurs.


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