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NFT-based Web3 classes launched by Nas Academy, Invisible College

The Web3 e-learning platform Invisible College and Singapore’s Nas Academy have joined up to develop online courses that require non-fungible tokens to access, according to Blockworks.

A Solana-based Decentralien NFT, which is presently selling for US $291 on the NFT marketplace Magic Eden, is a requirement for membership in Invisible College.

From September 1 of this year, those who own the token will have free access to courses that ordinarily cost between US $49 and US $597. Once registered, students may participate in group lessons, interactive sessions, and Zoom meetups on themes like “Bored Ape Yacht Club, Explained”.

Because of the membership structure, customers may recoup their tuition costs by selling their NFTs after finishing courses.

Invisible College, which debuted in December 2021, has produced lectures and tutorials that provide people with the knowledge and abilities to use the new web.

In the meantime, Nuseir Yassin’s 2020-founded Nas Academy, which offers training credentials in social media and video production, upskills aspiring content makers. The company has lately researched topics relating to cryptocurrencies.




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