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Onsitego Collaborates with DuPont to Launch Maintenance Services for Water Purifiers

Onsitego and DuPont today announced a collaboration to launch maintenance services for water purifiers available across multiple retail touchpoints in India. The two companies have come together to launch Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and RO Membrane Replacement Service for residential water purifiers.

DuPont Water Solutions is an industry leader, trusted by millions across the globe for high quality drinking water. The company makes world’s most trusted RO Membrane under the trademark FilmtecTM. Onsitego has partnered with the brand to help make water safer for consumption across Indian households.

Filters and membrane are key components of water purifiers for removing dirt and other harmful impurities. They get consumed with usage and need to be replaced periodically to ensure pure drinking water. The RO Membrane plays a vital role in filtering out these impurities, especially dissolved solids which cannot be removed by normal filters. Onsitego’s services for RO water purifiers comes with NSF-certified FilmtecTM RO Membrane from DuPont, imported from the USA.

Onsitego’s RO replacement service has been launched on Amazon wherein the Dupont FilmTecTM Membrane will be shipped directly to the customer’s residence and Onsitego engineer will install or replace the RO Membrane.

In the case of an AMC, Onsitego provides preventive maintenance, unlimited repairs and annual replacement of filters and membrane. AMC plans are available at Croma and Onsitego website.

Mr. Kunal Mahipal, CEO Onsitego

Speaking about the launch, Kunal Mahipal, CEO of Onsitego said, “We are very excited to partner with DuPont and together aim to completely transform users’ service experience for a water purifier. We had launched AMC program a few months back with Croma and are now expanding across other channels”. He further added, “DuPont FilmTec™ is a globally trusted name in home water treatment solutions and we are bringing the most widely used RO technology in the world to Indian consumers. We strongly recommend that the customers should check the membrane’s authenticity by scanning the QR code on the RO element.”

Speaking about the partnership, Nanette Hermsen, Global Marketing Director at DuPont Water Solutions said, “It gives me immense pleasure to launch FilmTec™ element service and AMC in a strategic partnership with Onsitego today for Indian Consumers. DuPont FilmTec™ RO membrane represents a strong combination of DuPont brand promise and 40 years of legacy of innovation and technological advancement. India has always shown tremendous inclination towards high quality of products and services which is why we are very excited about partnering with Onsitego. With their excellent service standards and presence across e-commerce platforms and modern trade stores, we plan to deliver high quality products with great service at every RO water purifier owner’s door step.”

Apart from the RO Membrane Replacement Service and AMC, the company also provides extended warranty, damage protection plans and InstaRepair Services for devices and appliances.

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