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Optimise Media launches Video Commerce for Publishers, Powered by Flickstree

Performance marketing is one of the highest-earning methods for websites and app owners for more than a decade. A pioneer in the Affiliate Marketing Industry and recognized around the world as one of the leading global performance marketing networks, Optimise Media Group has more than 1000 top advertisers, a great pool of publishers and a robust attribution system. The company has been on the cutting edge of bringing healthy earning opportunities to digital publishers.

L-R: Shaan Raza, Deputy MD, Optimise Media Group (India) and LD Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Optimise Media Group (India)

Taking the performance marketing revolution to another level, for the first time ever in affiliate marketing industry globally, Optimise India in partnership with Flickstree now launches video commerce across all its merchants and publishers. Publishers can now put these videos just like any other brand creative on their platform, thus giving their users suggested shopping experience. These videos come with “buy now” buttons embedded with tracking technology to facilitate users for shopping and publishers for monetization.

LD Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Optimise Media Group (India) says, “When you compare banner versus video content on any website, user-click rate on video content is far higher. Our partner Flickstree, creates content powered by AI. This means that the content creation process is data-driven, clicks based, video completions, transactions, and many other parameters. This dramatically increases customer experience and purchase process.”

With video content consumption on the rise, video commerce has been gaining momentum. While some companies are trying to do video commerce on their platform, a publisher partnership model of Optimise Media Group will democratize video-based suggested shopping experiences, across digital publishers.

Shaan Raza, Deputy MD of Optimise Media Group (India) says, “At Optimise, we constantly thrive to bring innovation in the affiliate marketing industry. Video commerce is one such innovation that will revolutionize the way this industry operates. Users love when a guided shopping experience is given to them and Flickstree’s video commerce not only guides users what products to buy, but it also helps users reach the exact product pages with an interactive ‘buy’ button on the video player itself.”

With thousands of video content in multiple languages, Flickstree’s proprietary shopping content brand +You, guides users to make purchases based on occasion and product curation. With a vision to empower all websites and apps with video commerce, Flickstree’s data-driven content and Optimise Media’s strong advertiser and publisher collaboration creates a compelling proposition, for advertisers and publishers alike.

About Optimise India

Optimise Media is a performance marketing company with 20+ years of experience and multiple office locations across the globe. They offer products and services across the consumer journey. They have their own proprietary technology to track consumer journey till last mile, loyalty, and influencer marketing suits. Optimise Media works with more than 10,000 publishers and 200+ advertisers in India.

Optimise Media is known for continuously evolving and innovating performance marketing space in India. With hundreds of offers from different advertisers via their offer feeds to publishers into various categories including cashback, loyalty points and banks, their reporting dashboard is one of the finest insight panels available, giving real time and transparent information, which helps publishers to earn more. For publishers who’ve any kind of traffic and who want to monetize better, do write at


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