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Pan-African incubation programme launched by Unicorn Group

Unicorn Group, an investment business, has started its fourth entrepreneur incubation programme, which is available to firms from a variety of nations for the first time.

Unicorn Group is a pan-African investment firm that seeks unique ideas, startups, and early-stage businesses in Africa’s technology and technology-enabled industries that have the potential to become unicorns. Selected businesses receive education, training, mentorship, infrastructure, and long-term finance from the firm.

Business advice services, access to industry experts and mentors, management and leadership training, interactive workspaces, networking, and venture capital financing are all part of the company’s incubation programme.

The fourth edition of the event is being termed the first true pan-African programme since it will take place simultaneously in six African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Egypt. Selected businesses will be incubated at Unicorn Group facilities, while those from neighbouring countries will be able to participate remotely after justification and prequalification.

Until May 1st, applications are accepted.




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